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Welcome to our Watch Closeouts and Wholesale Watch News Blog

Wholesale Croton Watches

  July 07, 2008

Anytime you have a business plan in mind and you are thinking of making money from home by selling products, it is best that you do a decent amount of leg work to find the best deals to get you up and running. After all, selling and reselling products online as part of your home business has become quite the popular way to bring in a decent income today. In order to find the right formula for your success, you should do a little bit of investigating to see if closeouts may be the ticket.

If you are able to find a great deal of variety when it comes to closeout merchandise, then the chances are really good that you will be able to build a strong customer based. These individuals, once they shop with you once, are more than likely to come back over and over again to take advantage of the great products that you sell at incredible prices.

If it were not for the originally low price that you paid for the closeouts, then you would not be able to make such a profit. The faster you understand just how closeouts can work for you, the more successful you will be!

When you offer up closeouts to your customers either online or in a storefront that you may have, you are able to offer them incredible prices. Because you purchased each of the items at prices that were already rock bottom, you do not have to raise the resale price too high. Before you know it, the word that you have wonderful merchandise at incredible prices will spread to their friends and a number of other potential customers out there.

Have you ever thought of potentially giving some of your merchandise away? While this may seem like a frightening thought to begin with, a number of resellers who take advantage of closeouts are able to offer each one of their customers a free gift with every purchase simply because the initial cost of product is so low. It goes without saying that any customer is going to be thrilled and motivated by the thought of any kind of free gift.

You can basically think of this as a great way to advertise your business as well as your generosity to all of your potential buyers.

Do you already have an established storefront either online or brick and mortar? If so, then adding closeouts to your current inventory can be a marvelous way to give all of your customers a good deal of variety at incredible prices. You will have a full store at all times, and the ability to move the closeout products quickly because of the low prices that you are able to offer. When you stop to think about it, offering closeouts can be a great way to boost your sales, bring in clients and keep your business making money for you at all times. With proper planning, your closeout merchandise can bring you a wealth of success.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

Start Finding Products to Sell On eBay

Perhaps you are one of those people who have been dreaming about becoming successful by selling any variety of products online through eBay. If so, then you are going to be on the lookout for the right combination of items to sell. After all, there are millions of people just like you out there who are trying to bring in a decent income with eBay. It is important that you look for a winning combination of items by finding products to sell on eBay that your potential clients are in the market to purchase.

While it may seem like a simple task, finding products to sell on eBay can end up becoming a daunting process if you are clueless on where to begin. Because there are so many websites out there offering discount merchandise and millions of wholesale products, it can be difficult finding reputable dealers that you can trust.

This is where a healthy dose of determination and a dedication to researching all of your potential suppliers will come in very handy and hopefully lead you down the road to success.
To begin with, you need to sit down and figure out the kinds of products that you would like to sell. Many people who have storefronts on eBay will take on the task of specializing in a certain type of product, while others may sell a vast variety of items. Once you narrow down the items that you would like to sell, you can then begin to find the wholesale companies that have the products that you are looking for.

A good number of wholesale companies today will offer up their products to their customers at great discounts depending on the number of items that you order at once. Such bulk shopping can save you a whole lot of time and money in the long run. You are then free to set the price of each item as you set up your auctions on eBay or place them into your storefront.

The extra money that you make off of these lower priced wholesale products can go in your pocket or even toward paying off your listing or selling fees through eBay.

When you decide that finding products to sell on eBay will include any number of name brand items, it is imperative that you do your homework. After all, there is nothing worse than listing an expensive Prada bag, only to find out that once it is drop shipped the customer finds out that it is a cheap knock off. This can lead to unhappy customers as well as dreaded negative feedback, which can then hurt your standing amongst other sellers on eBay. The proper amount of research on brand name wholesale products will ensure that both you and your potential auction winner both walk away from the transaction happy.

Finally, take the time to see what else is selling. Finding products to sell on eBay will mean looking at other auctions that are currently running for the products that you are thinking of selling. You can see what the final selling price is as well as how the item was listed. Proper research is guaranteed to help you sell your wares on eBay or any other auction site.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

July 06, 2008

Wholesale Watches

Wholesale watches can come in different forms; they could be the latest models that you get from the manufacturer, or last year's models that you buy from a department store or manufacturer from their unsold stock. Wherever you get them and however you get them, they can come in bulk and you might not always have a choice as to what you get. Of course with new watches you can send back the ones that don't work, whereas that option may or may not be available when you buy the left over stock from a department store. Generally, you will pay a lower price for these watches than when buying from a department store.

Unless the stock contains the same type of wholesale watches that you buy, you would have to sort them out once you get them. Sort them by brand first and then by models. Some will fetch you a good price and some a little lower, so pricing them correctly is very important. A well priced inventory sells fast and thus frees up the working capital for more stock. It makes good business sense to have your inventory move. A good thing to do is check each one to make sure they are working right. It is important that only the good ones go into the stock you sell. It is also a good idea to save a few for yourself; you can form a museum with what you have. But of course that is for some people only.

Wholesale Watches could be of different varieties too, they could be wrist watches or pocket watches. There is of course a differing clientele who will like them. If they are wristwatches they could have different bands for the same kind of watches. People are as varied as the items they like and most probably some will like bracelets and some leather bands. They even make some with plastic or other man made materials. Generally those that have the bands made out of manmade materials are utilitarian ones that are made for a specific sport or work in mind. If one dives for instance you don't want to have a leather band or even a bracelet. Mostly dress ones will have the bracelets or leather bands. If you buy the ones from a department store inventory some could be shop soiled too. They could have scratches or missing plastic covers etc. Make sure you account for it when you buy wholesale watches.

You are out to do business not charity when you buy them and you have to make sure your profit margin is intact. You would not want to lose money or come out even in the deal. That is the reason you have to make sure at the time of buying that you will come out ahead. When you are buying new stock from a manufacturer you don't have the luxury of haggling over the price, whereas with a department store the idea is completely different. Wholesale watches can give you a good profit if you buy them the right way.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

July 05, 2008

Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Products

Anyone who is in the market for wholesale products will be pleasantly surprised once they catch a glimpse of all of the incredible options that are out there. Over the past decade or so, the world of wholesale has grown tremendously. With a variety of ways that you can both purchase and sell your very own wholesale items online, this entire market has become a very lucrative business venture for hundreds and even thousands of individuals. But, how can you purchase all of the wholesale products that you are in need of?

Luckily, for anyone who is searching for great wholesale products, there are plenty of reputable dealers online. Basically, if you take the time to do a decent amount of research on the various dealers and all of their terms and conditions, you will be able to find just the right one who works best for your needs and budget. Because there are so many dealers out there, you can also think of using any combination of them to make sure that you have a great selection of products to build up your business.

Do you have a website that you would like to stock up with a great variety of products for all of your customers? If so, then you can look into wholesale products as a marvelous way to fill inventory and boost your sales.

Many people will have a storefront with a good mixture of items up for sale. When you find a nice dealer of wholesale products, then you can help yourself to a nice profit by only having to pay the wholesale price initially. Whatever price you would like to sell the item for on your website is then up to you.

Many people have been taking advantage of a process called drop shipping when it comes to the items on their website or even pieces bought at auction. By having an item drop shipped, you are basically selling it to someone, then ordering it from the drop ship company. The drop ship company then takes care of picking and shipping the item off to your customer.

This is a great way for you to sell wholesale products without having to deal with storing a large amount of product for resale. With this process, it is just very important that you look for a reputable drop shipping company that you can trust to ship out all of the goods that your customers have already paid you for.

In many cases, when you are looking for any variety of wholesale products, you can purchase them at a wonderful price when you buy in bulk. Purchasing wholesale items in bulk can save you a whole lot of money for the initial investment, then you can make a constant profit with each and every piece that is sold. This makes for a wonderful way to sell items on one of the many auction websites that are so popular today. Before you know it, selling wholesale products could be your number one source of income.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

July 03, 2008

Disney Character Watches - Where Do They Come From

If you ever seen a Disney character watch, the first thing that would come to your mind would be, 'Wow, what a beautiful watch!' There is something extremely attractive in these simple, yet magnetic watches; that something is represented by the popular Disney and non-Disney characters that appear on these watches' dials, belts and so on. Contrary to popular belief, these watches are not only worn by preteens and teens, but also adults and senior citizens, which speaks clearly about the amazing appeal these have for all segments of the market.

Where do these Disney character watch designs come from? The first such watch was launched in the market in 1933 by Ingersoll Waterbury Clock Co. and this had a Mickey Mouse on its dial. This was the result of an amazing and definitely unusual partnership between a large but ailing watch company and the mogul of animation, Walt Disney Productions. This proved to be a new lifeline to the flailing company, which bounced back in a big way after this contract. This venture had been so successful that it continued production through the 40's, 50's, and 60's. By this time the company was known as Timex, and diversified in many, many other varieties of watches from classics to super modern models.

As one of the Disney character watch designs, the Goofy watch became top priority for collectors all over the world. What was launched at a regular price of $19.95 in 1972 became worth over $700 by the 1990's. This watch had Goofy on its dial, and the numbers of the watch backwards. The best part was that the watch hands also moved backwards, making it one of the most unusual watches of its time.

The trend that Ingersoll started has now been perpetuated by other large companies such as Seiko, Disney Time Works, Fossil, and Colibri, among others. The most popular among all the Disney character watch designs is still the Mickey Mouse, though today you can find an amazing variety to choose from consisting of both Disney (Minnie Mouse, Popeye, Tom, Jerry, etc) and non-Disney characters (such as Batman, Spiderman, Pink Panther, etc) watches. Though every batch of watches met with great success, the Disney watches remain one of the most successful brands, which has maintained their niche unchallenged for over six decades.

The Disney character watch production was taken over by Elgin National Industries, Inc, in 1972. The company continued to produce, market and profit from these watches when in 1987 another company (Lorus) joined the bandwagon. Today this is a multi-billion dollar venture, which covers not only the USA, but also a good part of Europe and other countries around the world. Just like the humble beginnings of Walt Disney himself, the evolutions and unbelievable success stories of these watches in unparalleled. It is rare to find a watch which has maintained the same theme over more than six decades, and still enjoys the same popularity and demand in the market.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

July 02, 2008

Great Deals on Watch Closeouts

There are many advantages to purchasing products at closeout prices. Manufacturers usually close out merchandise when it is either about to stop being made, or if they happened to make a lot more than they are actually selling, so they are just trying to get rid of over stock. What this means for the smaller business, is that closeouts of different merchandise can be found at incredibly low prices so that when sold at retail value, the profit margin is much higher. This is a great opportunity for businesses that need to make a little extra profit margin on their products.
There are many different sites on the Internet that offer closeout merchandise. However, a lot of times you either have to purchase everything that they offer, or at least a very large portion. This can be difficult for the smaller business, which might not be able to sell 750 porcelain cats.

Still, there are some sites that offer smaller order numbers, and these are the ones recommended for the smaller business. One of the best items that many smaller businesses can make a pretty good profit off of is watches. There are many different wholesale web sites that offer watches at discounted rates and through closeouts. One of the better sites for this is watchcloseouts.net. This site offers all different brands of watches, at up to 90% off of retail value. Purchasing one of those watches would give a profit margin of up to 90%. That is really a great deal, especially for small businesses.

The site watchcloseouts.net is the perfect companion to the small business wishing to sell watches. Their minimum order is only 10 watches totaling a price of $200. That is an incredibly small order compared to most other wholesale locations. There are many different high-quality brands available for purchase on the site as well. Another great advantage to doing business with watchcloseouts.net is that all of their watches are 100% authentic, and most come in the original packaging, with the factory warranty. That is something that not every wholesale seller offers. If you are running a larger business, or happen to just want to order larger quantities of watches from them, they offer $1 off each watch if you purchase more than fifty. Purchase more than 100 watches, and you get $1 off per watch and free ground shipping, so long as you are located in one of the 48 continental states. This is a great advantage for larger companies as well. Purchasing watches from this site is one of the better moves you could make for your business.

It is easy to see that if you are in the watch market, you should definitely check out watchcloseouts.net. They really offer great deals for all kinds of business levels. The most important thing is that they are friendly to the small business, and they only deal with authentic products. They really run a safe, business friendly, and inexpensive watch dealership. If you are interested in buying watches for any reason, you should really check them out.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

July 01, 2008

Where to Buy Watch Wholesale Products

When starting a new business, it is often hard to find good deals on wholesale products. Most wholesale distributors and vendors require large orders to get any kind of discount or deal. Some might even require large packages to be purchased, which can include items you may not be able to sell very easily. It can be overwhelming trying to find a place that will make it worthwhile to even open a new business. However, there is still hope for the new business owner. Now there is a site where wholesale watches can be bought at extremely low prices, without large orders or fees.

The site that these wholesale products can be purchased from is watchcloseouts.net. All of the watches at Watch Closeouts are priced at least 80% off of retail value, and most come in the original packaging with the factory warranty. There are almost no qualifications to make the order, and the minimum order is extremely reasonable and low. There are many different brands of watches available through this site, including Accutron, Casio, Lorus, Maurice Lacroix, Oakley, Wittnauer, Swiss Army/Victorinox, Seiko, Nivada Grenchen, Mark Ecko, and Bulova. There are many more brands offered on the site as well, and what is offered varies with what the site can purchase at low rates. Watch Closeouts is proud of the quality and pricing of their merchandise; everything they offer is legitimate and authentic.

As with any wholesale distributor, there is a minimum order. Watch Closeouts has a very low minimum; just 10 watches, adding up to at least $200. That is a very reasonable order minimum, and nearly every business should be able to handle it. Even people who are not buying for a business can benefit from the pricing of this online store. Many people could buy all of their Christmas presents through this site with just one order. You would be giving wonderful high quality presents for a fraction of the cost. Larger orders over 50 items get even higher discounts. Orders of more than 50 get $1 off of the listed price, while orders over 100 items gets $1 off per item plus free ground shipping to the 48 continental states. It really is a great site for any price range or business size. All of their watches are also of the highest quality, so customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Who wouldn't want to do business like that? Watch Closeouts is a great place to purchase all of your wholesale products that have to do with watches and time pieces.

If you are looking for great wholesale products at fabulously low prices, then you need look no further than Watch Closeouts. They offer great prices with low minimum orders. Since watches are still such a classic item to purchase, nearly any store could benefit from selling such quality pieces. If you are purchasing watches for your business, don't overlook Watchcloseouts.net. They are a great site to do business with!


For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

June 27, 2008

Timex A Walk Through History

The origins of Timex will take you to Naugatuck Valley in Connecticut, which is also known as the Switzerland of America mainly because of the high precision and excellent quality that have been produced in this region. In 1850, Waterbury Clock launched a wrist watch which was within the reach of the American working class, and met with instant success. The watches were still of impeccable quality and stylishly designed; however, instead of expensive casings and dials, they were simple consisting of stamped brass movements which were possible to be marketed at low-cost due mass production.

The success of this innovation prompted the Company (Waterbury Clock) to produce yet another first in 1880, i.e. the first low cost mechanical watch which was once again a runaway success. In fact, records show that this watch sold more than any other company in the world did. This watch became so popular that demands for it came from Europe, Africa, North America and even Japan. At that time, Timex was still unknown to the world. The year 1900 saw another great innovation, which (like its predecessors) sold more than the wildest expectation of its manufacturers: the Yankee pocket watch, which sold at that time more than 40 million pieces worldwide.

In 1930, the Waterbury Clock reached its peak and looked like it was going down. It was at this time they signed a very unusual contract with the world famous and hugely popular Walt Disney Productions for a special type of promotional watch with Disney characters on it. This decision of the would-be Timex was excellent, as it turned the company around and it re-established it among the leaders of watch manufactures of the world. The Disney watches would stay on the top of the best-sellers for more than six decades, a feat that has yet to be accomplished by any other watch.

In 1940, when WWII was underway, the company was renamed as US Time Company, and dedicated itself to manufacturing equipment for the war such as timed artillery, anti-aircraft machinery, and others with the same precision and impeccable quality they dedicated to their watches over the past eight decades. In 1950, the US Time became known as Timex; this is the name this company has been using ever since. This same year, the Company launched a wonderfully economical, yet exceptionally efficient, mechanical mass-produced wrist watch.
Thanks to their wealth of experience earned during the WWII production of high precision artillery, this watch's most remarkable attributes were passing the tremendous torture tests it was subjected to. This contributed to advertisement campaigns, which boosted its sales right through the roof. people were encouraged to suggest how they wanted this watch to be tested, and after every test the watch was still ticking.

Today, Timex is still a leader in technology with the unmatched yet Indiglo light, which gives the watch the appearance of the having light on all the time (though in reality, it isn't). This is possible with the help of a sophisticated procedure where a hologram type material is infused into the dial of the analogue and digital watches alike.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

June 26, 2008

Armitron Watches

Whether the purchase of a watch is for yourself, or a special person in your life, it is always nice to choose one that fits each personality, character and charm. Every woman loves to be known for who she is, so when you're choosing a watch make sure it is a reflection of the woman you know her to be. Armitron watches are a great pick for any lady in your life. The simple layout and variety of designs make it easy to choose the right one for that special woman. Easy to use and beautiful to wear, this line of time pieces is one any lady would be lucky to have.

There are fun styles that feature great cartoon characters. These particular styles of watches come with a leather band that is easy to adjust. More elegant and classy styles are silver in color with pink or blue tones on the face of the watch. Decorated with Swarovski crystals, Armitron watches have styles that are sure to impress even the pickiest woman out there, while showing off the high quality you are sure to find with any purchase from this line. The other type of band you'll find on these watches are link bracelets, with a jewelry clasp. Whether she is fun and sporty, or more elegant and classy, the watches you will find here are beautiful and are sure to compliment the woman who wears it.

Some of the features of the cartoon character watches include embossing (on the leather strap) of musical instruments. The watch itself plays a tune, and Arabic numbers let you know what time it is. Created with stainless steel on the back and domed crystal on the front, these licensed cartoon watches are a playful addition to the Armitron line of watches. For the more traditional woman, the elegant side of these products are adorned with curved mineral crystal and silver minute and hour hands. Match that with some colorful Arabic numbers, the woman who wears one of these watches will check the time continuously just to gaze over and over at the beauty of this time piece. If she isn't able to part with it, this elegant line of watches is water resistant, which is sure to bless even the most forgetful woman.

You are at the right place for watches at a great price. Here at WatchCloseouts.net, you'll find an Armitron watch that is stylish and something you have been looking for at an extremely low price. Whether for you, a friend, a gift for mom, or a hard working woman in your life, this line of playful and elegant watches is sure to provide the specific watch to match the unique personality of whomever will be wearing it. Here is where high quality meets artistic design, creating a more personal line of products that are sure to give her exactly what she has wanted: a watch she can wear proudly, that will let other people know more about who she is.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    

June 25, 2008

Steve Madden Watches

If you are looking for a stylish yet appealing watch for a man, without all the frills, then look no further than the Steve Madden product line of watches. With watches that range among many different styles and various features, you are sure to find the right watch at the right price for that special man in your life, and he is sure to love it. All of the watches in the Steve Madden line are of the highest quality, and can be found either with multi-function features, or with the simplicity that some men look for in a time piece. Which ever watch you choose from, this line of high quality products is sure to be something he will treasure for a long time to come.
The Steve Madden line of watches come in a variety of styles. Three main colors you will find are silver, gold and black. Some take on a more sporty look, while others come off as an antique and upper class product. All have an adjustable band, though some bands function and clasp differently than others. All Steve Madden watches are made with mineral crystal. The backgrounds range in color between green, silver, or black. These watches are very high quality, yet the simple design keeps all these watches looking very down to earth. This allows any man to enjoy a watch from Steve Madden, whether he is a high class kind of guy or the rugged outdoors type.
This line also comes with different features. Many can be found in every watch though, such as the unidirectional, ratcheting, elapsed time beze. Most have a magnified calendar, which can be found on the right side of the timepiece next to the three O'clock mark. Some are water resistant, and all have Japanese quartz movement. A few come with sub dials, usually three: day, the current date and military time. With this many features to choose from, there is something for every man (no matter how simple or complex he may be) with a Steve Madden watch!
You are at the right place for watches at the right price. Here at WatchCloseouts.net, you'll find a watch that is stylish and exactly what you have been looking for at an extremely low price. Right now the two styles to choose from are the "Hombre" watch and the "Hooked up" watch. The "Hombre" is more edgy and offers the special sub dial features, while the "Hooked up" line is classier and more traditional. With deals like ours, you can not afford to pass them up. If you are in the market for a man's watch that is sure to please him, take a look at the selection, quality, styles, and features available to you through the Steve Madden line at a price you can afford. You will be so happy you did when you present that special man in your life with an amazing Steve Madden time piece he'll be sure to treasure for years to come.

For closeout watches up to 90% off retail visit Watchcloseouts.net - Wholesale and Closeout Watches    



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