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About Us

We've been selling products and information online since 1999 - our goal is to provide tremendous value, quality merchandise and outstanding customer service.

We know that it can be difficult to find true wholesale pricing for small quantity purchases. Our watch business started in April of 2001 with the purchase of 10 pieces and has grown into a very significant operation buying and selling thousands and thousands of watches each month.

We haven't forgotten our humble beginnings and are glad to help new sellers get a start.


Common questions:

Can I buy one item from your site?
The minimum order is both 10 pieces
AND at least $200 (before shipping).

Can I buy less than 10 pieces - let's say 3 - if the total value is $200?
The minimum order is both 10 pieces
AND at least $200 (before shipping).

Can I buy less than $200  - let's say $125 - if the total number of pieces is 10 or more?
The minimum order is both 10 pieces
AND at least $200 (before shipping).

How does your pricing work?
10 to 50 items -
pricing as per the item's description on our web site 

51 pieces or more receive a $1 discount per item (a few items may be excluded from this discount but would count towards achieving the discount on the rest of your order) and you can mix and match from any styles / brands.

101 pieces or more receive a $1 discount per item (a few items may be excluded from this discount but would count towards achieving the discount on the rest of your order) - you can mix and match from any styles / brands + free ground shipping in the 48 states or a $24.95 credit against the actual cost of shipping - if you are outside the 48 states.

How much do you charge for shipping?
In the 48 states:  10 items - $9.95    11-20 items - $14.95
21-50 items - $19.95     51-100 items - $24.95     
100+ items - free ground shipping in the 48 states ("Take All" pricing may be excluded). AK, HI and International will be higher.

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Bank Wire Transfer (email us for wire instructions), money orders, cashier's checks, business and personal checks (payment by personal check may delay the shipment of your order for up to 5 days after the check deposit date), US Cash. We do not accept Paypal.

How long will it take to get my order?
Orders for delivery in the 48 states are generally shipped the same day payment is received. Orders will arrive as early as the next day (for most of Florida) or up to 6 business days later (for the US west coast). All shipments for the US 48 states are shipped by UPS Ground, fully insured and requiring a delivery signature.

Typically, orders for delivery outside the 48 states and Canada (i.e. Europe and the rest of the world) will be quoted and shipped by U.S. Global Express Mail (only economical method for smaller orders). Mail orders are shipped every business day or every second business day and can take an additional 5-7 days and up to 2 weeks depending upon the mailing options you choose. The average delivery time from our receipt of your payment to your receipt of your package will be 5 - 10 business days. Larger orders (over 50 pieces) may be better suited for shipping by UPS.  You may obtain a shipping quote online once your shopping cart contains the minimum quantity and dollar value. Please email us should you require additional assistance.

How do I place an order?
To place your order or view prices or available quantities - please:
Visit our web sites @
www.WatchCloseouts.net or www.SunglassCloseouts.com and click on the NEW CUSTOMER link from the LOGIN button.
When completing the profile, along with name, address, telephone # etc, be sure to click NEXT at the bottom of the screen to save your profile.

If you wish to place your order at a later time simply log in using your email address and the password you created with your profile.
Once you receive and click on your confirmation email,  you can log back in
and begin shopping and adding the items you wish to your cart.

Select your shipping type (USPS Global Express Mail or UPS) and finalize your order. Your user name (email address) and password will allow you to access both of our sites.



Call 1-877-463-7888   
(Outside N. America call collect - 1-352-465-3033)
Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 6:00pm

  OR    Email us - sales@watchcloseouts.net


Fax us 24 hours a day 1-877-352-7555
(Outside N. America - 1-352-465-3044)


write to us @

Think 7 Inc.
11150 N. Williams Street, #8
Dunnellon, FL 34432

Are your watches authentic?
Yes, we only sell authentic goods. In many cases, the items are shipped to us direct from the manufacturer's warehouse. We have been in business since 1999 and selling to happy customers from our website since 2001.  We DO NOT sell any replica items. We are so confident about the quality and authenticity of our merchandise that will pay $1,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise in writing. 

Are your watches new? 
Yes. Occasionally we carry some factory reconditioned watches. When we do, they are clearly marked in bold print as FACTORY RECONDITIONED. We also do get some watches that are new, but have minor cosmetic imperfections. Those are clearly marked with the word "COSMETICS" after the model number and at the end of the title. In the full product description you can find a link to our rating scale which will give you all the details on our rating system.

Do they come boxed and with a warranty? 
Yes,  unless specified otherwise, all items are boxed in the original factory packaging including the warranty booklet/manual. Occasionally we will offer unboxed items. These items will be clearly noted as being unboxed.

Do you drop ship?
No and here's why. We sell large and small lots. Often times a model on our web site showing a quantity available of 200 pieces in the morning - will be sold out in the afternoon.  Typically with closeouts - we have already bought out all of the remaining stock from the supplier. If dozens of our customers were taking orders (running auctions, listing items on their web sites, etc.) and we sold out the entire lot - we would end up with upset customers because of orders that couldn't be fulfilled. Our minimum order is so reasonable (10 piece total order - mix and match) that you can start your own watch business with as little as $210.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. We ship worldwide.  We do not ship to Indonesia or Malaysia unless orders are pre-paid by bank wire transfer.  We DON'T SHIP TO NIGERIA period .   

How quickly will my order ship?
Most orders will ship same business day by UPS Ground. International orders going by US postal service may take up to 1 week before they are mailed.

I saw something on your site and it shows as "SOLD OUT" or has been removed...will you have that item again?
Depends upon the item, however the nature of closeout merchandise is such that only a very few items are offered a second time. 

If a watch is described as water resistant to 100 meters - is that a dive watch?

The water resistance description is theoretical and refers to a water intrusion prevention depth that assumes both the watch and the water are motionless. That never happens in the real world. Such tests are carried out in laboratories under strict conditions. An arm moving under water increases the pressure on the watch as does the movement of the water.

To use a watch for even recreational scuba diving it should have both a screw down crown and a screw on case back. A watch with both of these features will have gasketed protection that will assist in prevent water intrusion. If the watch is a chronograph - it should also have screw down pushers.

1 meter = 3.3 feet
1 ATM (atmosphere) or bar = 10 meters

  • Watches labeled "water resistant" can withstand splashes of water but should not be submerged

  • "50 Meters" - should withstand very short exposure to water (running your hand under the tap or in a sink for a second)

  • "100 Meters" - for use in a swimming pool

  • "200 Meters" - for use in recreational scuba diving

  • Greater than 200 Meters - suitable for deeper diving

...and...don't bathe with a watch on. Soap and shampoo suds can reduce the surface tension of the gaskets and allow water to penetrate as well as damage the gasket.

What is a push button clasp and how does it work?

A push button clasp - also known as a hidden clasp or butterfly clasp is often used to secure a bracelet on better quality timepieces. To release the clasp you simultaneously depress the two buttons on either side of the bracelet (depicted by white arrows).

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